Diode laser machines

Laser hair removal is a method that utilizes the selective photothermal effect of laser to heat and destroy melanin in hair follicles, thereby achieving permanent hair removal.


Diode laser hair removal

product presentation

808 freezing point hair removal technology originated from

Germany, according to the principle of selective

photothermodynamics, through reasonable adjustment of

wavelength energy and pulse width, so that light can pass

through the skin surface to the hair root hair follicle, so that the

hair follicle tissue is damaged, slow growth or no growth, and

there is a skin rejuvenation effect. The rapid freezing point hair

removal system adopts a unique freezing technology, which can

cool the local skin to 5 degrees Celsius, overcoming the

shortcomings of cold touch lighting, convenient and simple

operation, no damage to the skin, easy hair removal.




screen size 15.6 Inch
Screen Viewing Angle IPS Full Viewing Angle
touchscreens support
Hair Removal power 1000W
Language Multi-language
LED indicator light 1PCS
Emergency switches 1PCS
key switch 1PCS
Wavelength 755nm、808nm、1064nm
Power Supply Brands Taiwan Meanwell
Cooling method Air + Water + Semiconductor Module
Color Black, white and gold(Optional)
Input Voltage 220V/110V
Plug Specification European, British, American(Optional)
Fuselage Material Metal + ABS
wheel Silent and high load capacity universal wheel with locking
sizes 131*50*45cm
Package Size 150*59*58cm
weights 82kg(with picoseconds)/69kg(Individual hair removal devices)
packaging material flight case
warranty 2 years
Hair removal handle with screen
screen size 1.3Inch
touchscreens support
Number of targets 10
Spot size 12*27mm/12*32mm/12*37mm
energies 1—50(adjustable)
frequency 1—10HZ
impulse 1—500ms
Laser bar import from USA
service life 50000000 Shots

Precise destruction of hair follicles, reduce hair regeneration, improve color spots, remove tattoos, skin rejuvenation effect and more.

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Tattoo removal of all colors such as black .blue , ink , brown , orange , etc;
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Multifunctional 808 Diode Laser And Picosecond Laser Operation handle:808nm hair removal handle&YAG laser tattoo removal handle….