Diode 2 in 1 picosecond laser hair removal

Precise destruction of hair follicles, reduce hair regeneration, improve color spots, remove tattoos, skin rejuvenation effect and more.

In the pursuit of beauty and perfection, the power of technology has always been our most solid support. Today, we would like to introduce you a revolutionary cosmetic device -Diode 2-in-1 Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Machine , which perfectly combines the precision of picosecond laser with the high efficiency of diode laser hair removal, bringing you unprecedented beauty experience.

The Diode 2-in-1 Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Machine is the most powerful solution on the market for pigmentation, tattoo and hair removal. The picosecond laser handles a wide range of color pigments, and its versatile energy matrix ensures that pigment deposits are effectively pulverized. The diode laser uses semiconductor technology to produce a coherent projection of light in the visible to infrared range. It uses a narrow spectrum of light beams to target specific chromophores in the skin. With the ability to treat a variety of skin conditions, including tattoo removal and hair removal, the Diode 2-in-1 Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Machine offers you and your clients a range of attractive aesthetic solutions to improve their lifestyle and well-being.

What are the benefits of both picosecond and diode laser hair removal machines?

1.High Efficiency. One of the most powerful picosecond laser hair removal machines on the market.

2.2-in-1 optimal combination for maximum versatility, two machines in one to solve better skin problems.

3.Highest energy. Compared to other laser systems, the energy emitted by the picosecond laser makes it possible to remove tattoos 40% less often. In addition, it delivers up to 10 times more energy at 1064nm,755nm and 532nm wavelengths.

4.Sheds deep pigment: With the picosecond laser, you get faster treatments and shorter sessions, and it’s available in up to 10 spot sizes, ranging from 2mm to 10mm. The larger spot sizes allow you to maintain the depth of penetration into the dermis and better disperse embedded pigment particles.

5.Four wavelengths: Effectively pulverizes 9 of the most commonly used colors from light orange to deep black. The picosecond laser procedure enables you to treat the widest range of tattoo colors on a variety of skin types. It is equipped with four wavelengths: 1064nm, 532nm and 755nm. 808nm is the best wavelength for hair removal.

Picosecond laser: precise removal of spots and brightening of the skin

A picosecond is one trillionth of a second. Picosecond laser technology is known for its ultra-short pulse width and extremely high peak power. It is capable of releasing powerful energy in a very short period of time, instantly shattering melanin particles in the skin to achieve excellent results in spot and tattoo removal.

Picosecond lasers emit light pulses of extremely short duration, between 1 picosecond and tens of picoseconds. The properties of picosecond lasers allow the absorption of wave pulses, and the absorption of light in the target area causes a change in its internal temperature, also known as the photothermal effect. This temperature change, in turn, causes changes in the structure and volume of certain areas within the medium, and when a pulsed light source is used, the temperature change of the medium causes a rise and fall in volume, which in turn can radiate acoustic waves outward, also known as the photoacoustic effect, as it produces a popping sound. The laser bypasses these waves across the skin in the tattooed or pigmented area causing chemical and structural changes in the skin i.e. the pigment particles absorb the high energy of the laser and are instantly broken into tiny particles, which are then disposed off by our body’s lymphatic system.Picosecond laser technologyPicosecond laser technologyMelanin particles absorb laser energyThe melanin particles exploded instantly

The picosecond laser has many advantages over other lasers. Firstly, it causes minimal thermal damage to the surrounding normal tissues, greatly reducing the recovery period and the chance of adverse reactions. Secondly, picosecond laser is able to act on the target pigment more precisely, avoiding problems such as hyperpigmentation that may be caused by traditional lasers. Whether it is stubborn pigmentation, old tattoos, or other pigmented problems, picosecond lasers can easily solve them for you, allowing your skin to regain a bright, even glow.

The picosecond laser is equipped with three different wavelength tools, 1064nm,532nm and 755nm.The 1064nm wavelength applicator allows you to change the size of the laser spot thus flexibly targeting different spot sizes, suitable for individual tattoo removal, freckle removal and mole removal.The 755nm wavelength applicator is suitable for the removal of light-colored tattoos such as red, yellow, and coffee.532nm wavelength applicator Short downtime, ideal for skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Diode Laser Hair Removal: Safe and Efficient, Permanent Hair Removal

Diode laser hair removal technology is currently one of the leading technologies in the field of hair removal. It utilizes the selective photothermal effect of 808nm wavelength laser energy to accurately act on the melanin in the hair follicle, thus destroying the hair follicle and achieving permanent hair removal. The laser passes through the skin surface and reaches the hair follicle, where the light is absorbed and converted into heat, thereby damaging the hair follicle tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue. This is due to the use of a continuous cooling technology that cools the skin continuously throughout the treatment and promotes control of the temperature range, minimizing the risk to the epidermis while maintaining the heat in the dermis where the hair follicle is treated. Allowing the user to enjoy a completely painless, cool and comfortable experience throughout the treatment.

The diode laser hair removal feature in this 2-in-1 device has the following notable features: firstly, it delivers fast and dramatic hair removal results, and after just a few treatments, you can say goodbye to your hair woes and have smooth, fine skin. Secondly, diode laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment with high safety, minimal damage to the skin, almost no pain and discomfort, and no recovery period, not affecting normal life and work. At the same time, it can also be personalized with parameter settings according to the characteristics of hair and skin color in different parts of the body to ensure the best treatment effect and safety.

The perfect fusion of two-in-one

The fusion of two powerful technologies, picosecond laser and diode laser hair removal, in one device brings a number of surprising advantages.

First of all, it provides a more convenient and efficient solution for aesthetic organizations and professionals. Instead of having to purchase multiple devices, a single 2-in-1 picosecond laser and diode laser hair removal machine can fulfill a variety of aesthetic needs, saving space and costs.

Secondly, for consumers, being able to enjoy the dual effects of picosecond laser and diode laser hair removal at the same time in a single treatment not only saves time, but also improves the comfort of the beauty experience. Whether you want to remove spots and whiten your skin or remove hair, it can be easily done on the same device without having to bounce around different treatment rooms.

Further, the two-in-one design allows the two technologies to work in tandem with each other for a more powerful effect. For example, prior to diode laser hair removal, the skin can be pre-treated with a picosecond laser to improve skin texture and enhance hair removal. Or, after hair removal, the picosecond laser can be used to remove any pigmentation that may remain, making the skin more perfect.

Professional quality you can trust

This 2-in-1 picosecond laser and diode laser hair removal machine is crafted by a professional R&D team with excellent quality and performance.

1.It adopts advanced laser technology and high quality materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the device.

2.Advanced cooling system helps to reduce discomfort and risk of skin damage during treatment.

3.Intelligent control system facilitates operation and adjustment of parameters. Picosecond laser has shorter pulse width, which can realize finer treatment effect. Diode laser has appropriate wavelength, which has better targeting on hair follicles.

4.Adjustable energy parameters, adapting to different treatment needs and patient conditions.

5.Immediate results, permanent hair removal can be seen after about 3-7 sessions.

At the same time, our equipment is also equipped with a perfect after-sales service system, professional technicians will provide you with a full range of technical support and training to ensure that you can master the operation and maintenance of the equipment, so that you have no worries.

Real cases to witness the miracle of beauty

Let’s take a look at some real cases to witness the miracle of beautiful skin brought by 2-in-1 picosecond laser and diode laser hair removal machine.

Laser hair removal before and after comparison

Before and after mugshots
Before and after leg photos
Before and after bikini line
Front and back comparison of the man

Eyebrow Wash

During the treatment, the patient should close his/her eyes. The operator selects the required laser energy according to the color depth of the treatment area (adjust the energy value, the recommended energy value of the new machine is 35%), and moves the handle slowly from the normal skin near the treatment area to the treatment area, so that the client has a psychological acceptance process. At this time, the frequency can be set to 3Hz and the head is 1-2 fingers away from the treatment area. The treatment can be performed from the end of the brow or from the brow area. If the color is still fading within 5-10 minutes of treatment, another wash can be performed. Review after a month and a half, if the pigment has not faded, a second treatment can be performed (if the color becomes lighter and does not absorb the energy, it can be manipulated with activated charcoal liquid to help absorb the energy).

washing eyebrow

Tattoo washing

The frequency can be set to 3Hz-5Hz, with the tip of the handle at a distance of 3-4 fingers from the treatment area and as close to the focal point as possible for high energy treatments. For common black and blue tattoos, choose the 1064nm wavelength, and for red or coffee color, choose the 532nm wavelength, with treatment intervals of 45-90 days, cycling the tattoo treatment until it is washed away (if the color becomes lighter and doesn’t absorb the energy, it can be operated with activated charcoal solution. It helps to absorb the energy).

Laser tattoo removal

Remove freckles

Freckles on the face can be treated with activated charcoal. The frequency is set to 3Hz, the recommended energy is 60% ~ 80%, and the 1064nm wavelength is used. The treatment is done with the head 40cm away from the skin. after the whole face is done, if there are some areas with heavy spots, you can skip the activated charcoal and use the focused energy, but there should be no bleeding, just a slight redness. About 7 days after the procedure, if the color becomes darker, it is recommended to use a depigmenting cream to help break down the pigment.

removing beverage

Mole Removal

The frequency can be set to 3Hz-5Hz with the head 3-4 fingers away from the treatment area and as close to the focal point as possible for high energy treatments. Choose 1064nm wavelength, treatment interval 45-90 days, cycle treatment until washing (if the color becomes lighter and does not absorb the energy, it can be operated with activated charcoal liquid to help absorb the energy).

Nevus removal

These cases fully demonstrate the excellent effect of this device in removing spots, hair removal, etc., so that you can visualize the great changes it brings to your skin.

If you desire to have smooth, delicate and blemish-free skin, then this 2-in-1 picosecond laser and diode laser hair removal machine is definitely the right choice for you. It will bring you an unprecedented experience of beautiful skin, making you more confident and relaxed in the pursuit of beauty.

screen size 15.6 Inch
Screen Viewing Angle IPS Full Viewing Angle
touchscreens support
Hair Removal power 1000W
Language Multi-language
LED indicator light 1PCS
Emergency switches 1PCS
key switch 1PCS
Wavelength 755nm、808nm、1064nm
Power Supply Brands Taiwan Meanwell
Cooling method Air + Water + Semiconductor Module
Color Black, white and gold(Optional)
Input Voltage 220V/110V
Plug Specification European, British, American(Optional)
Fuselage Material Metal + ABS
wheel Silent and high load capacity universal wheel with locking
sizes 131*50*45cm
Package Size 150*59*58cm
weights 82kg(with picoseconds)/69kg(Individual hair removal devices)
packaging material flight case
warranty 2 years
  Hair removal handle with screen
screen size 1.3Inch
touchscreens support
Number of targets 10
Spot size 12*27mm/12*32mm/12*37mm
energies 1—50(adjustable)
frequency 1—10HZ
impulse 1—500ms
Laser bar import from USA
service life 50000000 Shots
  Picosecond Laser Handle
Picosecond power 500W
energies 100-2000mj
pulse width 5ns
frequency 1-10HZ
switchgear footrest
Replaceable Probes 532nm、755nm、1064nm、Non-invasive 532nm、Non-invasive 1064nm

Precise destruction of hair follicles, reduce hair regeneration, improve color spots, remove tattoos, skin rejuvenation effect and more.

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