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Diode laser machines

Laser hair removal is a method that utilizes the selective photothermal effect of laser to heat and destroy melanin in hair follicles, thereby achieving permanent hair removal.


Precise destruction of hair follicles, reduce hair regeneration, improve color spots, remove tattoos, skin rejuvenation effect and more.

The 7-in-1 Hydrogen Oxygen Bubbles Beauty Meter usually includes the functions of cleansing, hydrating, oxygenating, introducing, firming, peeling, and sucking blackheads.

Laser carbon removal ;
Tattoo removal of all colors such as black .blue , ink , brown , orange , etc;
Pigment removal of melasma , dermis , age spots ,birthmarks . nevus of Ota . etc;
Embroidered lip lines , bubble lip lines .embroidered eye lines , lip line removal.

Multifunctional 808 Diode Laser And Picosecond Laser Operation handle:808nm hair removal handle&YAG laser tattoo removal handle….